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Airbnb in Mineral del Monte Pueblo Magico: Where to Stay in Hidalgo

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We visited the beautiful towns of Mineral del Monte Pueblo Magico and Huasca de Ocampo Pueblo Magico recently during an epic road trip and they were beautiful and interesting towns to get to know Hidalgo. We based ourselves in two Airbnbs in Mineral del Monte, La Fortaleza and La Mision. I’ll share all the details on these charming Airbnbs below: one large Airbnb great for groups, and one small Airbnb for couples.

Disclosure: this post was written in partnership with La Fortaleza and La Mision. As always, every thought, opinion, and experience is my own.

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Why Visit Mineral del Monte Pueblo Magico and Huasca de Ocampo Pueblo Magico?

First you might wonder why you should visit these Pueblo Magicos? They are both charming, beautiful, include interesting history and unique nature, and are just 20-25 minutes from one another so great to pair together.

About Mineral del Monte Pueblo Magico

Mineral del Monte (also called Real del Monte) was historically a mining town. The abandoned mines were then restored by Cornish immigrants during the gold rush in the 1800s. Because of this, the town has a distinct architecture that has touches of English/Celtic details. It’s also the home to pastes, a baked empanada filled with meat or other ingredients.

Mineral del Monte Pueblo Magico is a beautiful high altitude town to walk around plus is surrounded by mountains and pine forest. Be sure to visit the Mining Museum, English Cemetery, and the Paste Museum.

About Huasca de Ocampo Pueblo Magico

Just a few minutes down the road you’ll find Huasca de Ocampo Pueblo Magico. This town is also colorful and charming, plus has an incredible natural wonder called the Prismas Basalticas. This site features oblong columns of irregular shaped rocks with waterfalls pouring over them. This phenomenon was created millions of years ago during a volcanic eruption when the lava flowed into water, and is super unique.

huasca de ocampo pueblo magico

Huasca de Ocampo and Mineral del Monte Pueblos Magicos are located only 2 hours from Mexico City and are also a good side trip from Tolantongo or Puebla.

Now that you’re convinced to visit, let’s check out the two unique Mineral del Monte Airbnbs to base yourself out of!

La Fortaleza: Where to Stay in Hidalgo

La Fortaleza is a large Airbnb in Mineral del Monte Pueblo Magico. It’s unique, beautiful, and super comfy. More details below.  

Unique architecture: Airbnb in Mineral del Monte

The first thing you’ll notice about this Airbnb in Mineral del Monte is the unique and striking architecture. It’s literally built into the mountain, the backside wall of the home is all rock, with all its natural textures and shapes.

The house is also built in several levels to coincide with the steep mountain terrain. 

There is lots of stone and wood accents which feel natural and in line with the environment.

Cozy atmosphere: Where to Stay in Hidalgo

If you’ve stayed in an Airbnb before, I’m sure you’ve felt the soulless “no one lives here” feeling that most have. La Fortaleza doesn’t feel that way at all. It’s filled with cozy and warm accents that make it feel like a home.

Outdoor Spaces: Airbnb in Mineral del Monte

This Airbnb in Mineral del Monte features several outdoor spaces to enjoy the mountain atmosphere. Outside the third floor, you’ll find a roomy patio with a large dining table, a grill, a fire pit and grassy area. It feels perfect for grilling and enjoying a large meal, or sitting by the fire in the evening.

Just below there is a little covered area with some pretty seating for a more intimate atmosphere.

There is also included covered parking at the entrance.

Great for Families and Groups of Friends: Where to Stay in Hidalgo

La Fortaleza is a large rental home that is perfect for an extended family or a group of friends. There are 5 bedrooms sleeping up to 14 people, 4 of which include double beds and 1 which has 2 bunk beds.

Besides having lots of room to sleep, there are many gathering places. The dining room on the main floor has a large dining table, as well as the patio next to the grill. There are three sitting areas, one including a fireplace, a couple outdoor seating areas, and a game room featuring a pool table. 

where to stay in hidalgo mineral del monte

If you’re looking for an Airbnb in Mineral del Monte that has all the comforts of home plus entertainment for the entire weekend, the Fortaleza is a perfect option.

To me it seems like an especially great option for people in Mexico City who want a weekend getaway in the mountains with a group of friends or their family. You can get out and explore during the day, then enjoy the roomy and fun house in the evenings.

la fortaleza kitchen mineral del monte

Convenient Location: Airbnb in Mineral del Monte

La Fortaleza (and La Mision below) are located just outside Mineral del Monte. It only takes about 5 minutes to drive into town, but you also get to enjoy the mountainous atmosphere.

It’s also only 20-25 minutes drive to Huasca de Ocampo, or 2 hours from Mexico City.

Check out my video tour below:

La Mision: Where to Stay in Hidalgo

If you prefer a smaller place, across the street you’ll find La Mision, a sweet Airbnb just the right size for a couple.

This Mineral del Monte Airbnb has a small kitchenette, bathroom, king size bed, seating area, fireplace, balcony, and patio with firepit.

Stoking a fire is an essential pastime in this high altitude climate, and you’ll appreciate the warm flames on chilly nights.

Airbnbs and Reservations: La Fortaleza and La Mision

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Best For: La Fortaleza – families or groups of friends, La Mision – couples, Both – weekend trips from Mexico City or Puebla, or stops on an itinerary around Tolantongo or Puebla.

Price: La Fortaleza: from 4500mxn a night (about $262usd). La Mision: from 1150mxn (about $67usd). Check the above link for current prices and availability.

Includes: Tvs, fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor areas, parking, wifi.

Location: Mineral del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico

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