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Beautifully Designed Oaxaca Beach Hotel in San Agustinillo: Monte Uzulu

monte uzulu oaxaca beach hotel in san agustinillo

I’ve stayed in many hotels and lots of towns on the Oaxaca coast, but one of my new favorite places to stay is the gorgeous Monte Uzulu hotel in San Agustinillo. This impeccably designed Oaxaca beach hotel is perched on a hill overlooking the San Agustinillo beaches. The lush leafy greens, artistic shadow and light play, chic open design rooms, and peaceful location steps from the main street in San Agustinillo make this one of the best places to stay on the Oaxaca coast.

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Monte Uzulu. As always, every thought, opinion, and experience is my own.

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Well Thought Out Design: Oaxaca Beach Hotel

monte uzulu hotel

The most special thing about Monte Uzulu hotel in San Agustinillo is the perfectly curated design. The space was designed by architecture studio, At-te and design studio Taller Lu’um, and every detail and inch is beautiful. Each suite is an open design concept, you enter in a completely open sitting area, and then slotted wooden doors open into the bedroom. You can choose to keep these closed or completely open to interact with the lush nature. Then in the back is the open design bathroom with a large tub, shower, sink and toilet.

During the day, the shadows from the tropical banana and palm leaves dance on the floors and walls. It’s hard to describe how beautifully planned out each wall and detail is with the light. Skylights, recessed lighting, and open plan spaces make the light part of the charm of this hotel in San Agustinillo.

For me, Monte Uzulu strikes a perfect balance between minimalist modern architecture and decor and natural details like wood, light, and greens. The buildings and rooms are concrete, with warm peach colored floors and walls in the front, and cooler grey colors in the bathroom in back. The furniture is made from beautiful wood, and details like the dramatic woven bedside lamps add warmth and nature. Other details like the plants in the bathroom and the plants that line the front of the terrace bring the nature to interact.

We, of course, didn’t spend 100% of the time in our room at this Oaxaca beach hotel each of our three days, but I would have been quite happy to spend most of the time there. The peaceful sunrise, soft sunsets, sounds of nature, sweeping views, and beautiful architecture made me want to return as quickly as possible.

Comfortable Common Spaces: Hotel in San Agustinillo

Monte Uzulu has a couple common spaces to spend time if you want to get out of your dreamy suite (but why? haha) or if you are traveling with a group.

There is a sitting area above the Temporada restaurant with comfy wooden lounge chairs and tables. Another gathering area features woven palm mats, large blue cushions, rustic wooden tables, and leafy greens surrounding the space. There is plenty of area to spread out or change your perspective if you choose.

Convenient Location: Oaxaca Beach Hotel

san agustinillo beach

The location of this hotel in San Agustinillo can’t be beat. It’s just a 5 minute walk up from the main road, but walking up the hill gives you stunning views of the lush grounds and the ocean from the higher parts of the property. You can hear the waves crashing as if they are closer by then they really are. And in general, you have a really quiet setting, which usually is tricky in the middle of the tourist zones of Mazunte and San Agustinillo. For me this is a great balance of just a few minute walk to the ocean and amenities, and still feels like a tucked away Oaxaca beach hotel.

Bathtub in Suites: Hotel in San Agustinillo

The open-plan bathroom located in the back of the suite is just stunning. The clean minimalist concrete contrasts perfectly with the lush leafy plants lining the back of the tub. 

I always love the option of a bathtub, so I really appreciated that amenity. It also features a shower, a large sink with an asymmetrical modern mirror, and a modern toilet. Above the bathtub is a skylight that lets in beautiful light.

Organic and Delicious Bath Products: Oaxaca Beach Hotel

bathroom monte uzulu

I am not that into bath and beauty products, to be honest. I’m pretty minimalist in that department. But the provided shampoo and bath products were so delicious that I’m ordering them for my home!

Each suite is stocked with refillable bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, and aloe vera/after sun (very handy for the beach!). I loved them all and enjoyed using them more than any other products I can remember in a long time. The scents were just delicious.

Lush Leafy Grounds with Common Spaces: Hotel in San Agustinillo

When I’m staying in a Oaxaca beach hotel, I long to feel like I’m surrounded by jungle. The lush coastline of Oaxaca is gorgeous and I want to be able to appreciate that during my stay.

Monte Uzulu makes great use of the leafy geography. The grounds are filled with all manner of palms, including some stunning fan palms, monsteras, bird of paradise flowers, and tons of other greens in all shapes and sizes. They offer privacy between the suites and on the paths of the grounds, but they also offer beautiful shadows that play on the floor of the terrace, and a peaceful natural feeling at this hotel in San Agustinillo.

Delicious Organic Restaurant: Oaxaca Beach Hotel

Monte Uzulu has recently opened an organic and beautiful restaurant on the grounds. Temporada, offers fresh, organic and well prepared food. During your stay, breakfast is included daily in the restaurant: fresh fruit with yogurt, granola, and honey, coffee, and fresh bread from a local bakery. I also had lunch at Temporada one day – a version of enfrijoladas (one of my favorite dishes) that was delicious. Organic corn tortillas bathed in a heirloom bean salsa with organic chorizo.

Pet Friendly: Hotel in San Agustinillo

terrace with doors at monte uzulu hotel

Monte Uzulu is also pet friendly! You can bring along your best friend, with a surcharge. We loved having Coatli with us, and found the space calming for her as well as us.

Final Thoughts: Oaxaca Beach Hotel

Monte Uzulu is a Oaxaca beach hotel that feels like a design lover’s oasis. The thoughtful design, beautiful grounds, peaceful setting, delicious restaurant and proximity to amenities makes this one of my new favorite hotels in San Agustinillo.

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monte uzulu jungle view

Hotel: Monte Uzulu

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Best For: Design lovers, creatives, and those that enjoy beauty in a peaceful location.

Price: From approx 2560mxn or $128usd/night. Check booking link below for current rates.

Includes: Wifi, drinking water, fresh continental breakfast, toiletries, ocean and jungle views.

Location: San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico

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