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Oaxaca Hotel Review: Casa De Las Bugambilias B&B

oaxaca hotel las bugambilias


It’s probably pretty obvious by now that Oaxaca is one of my favorite cities in the world. Few places have it beat for its high level of culture, complex food, delicious mezcal, colonial architecture, and surrounding natural beauty.


So when I was planning my second trip to the city, I knew what I wanted in my accommodation. I wanted to be between the Zocalo and Parque El Llano, within easy walking distance to all the great things the Centro has to offer. And I wanted a helpful staff who could give us the inside scoop on the teacher’s union protests that were going on at that time, as well as info on the upcoming Guelaguetza (the biggest annual folk festival in the city).


We found this and a lot more at the wonderful Oaxaca hotel, Casa De Las Bugambilias. This adorable B&B was perfectly situated, and made us feel spoiled by the attentive staff, incredible breakfasts, and comfortable beds.


oaxaca B&B
plants at Casa de las bugambilias oaxaca

What Was Great:

Gourmet Breakfast


As I’ve previously mentioned in other posts, I love when a hotel, hostel, or guesthouse offers a complimentary breakfast. It's so nice to roll out of bed, eat on-site, and give myself a few minutes to decide what I’ll do for the day.


Las Bugambilias takes it a step further by offering a delicious 2-course breakfast. Ingredients are local and organic, and the meals are really special. During our stay we had local baked breads, homemade jams, fruit with yogurt and granola, fresh juice and coffee, memelitas con nopal (toasted corn cakes topped with cactus), huevos rancheros, and an omelette with fresh veggies and verde sauce topped with pomegranate seeds.  All the food exceeded my expectations and the experience was a wonderful way to wake up.


breakfast at casa de las bugambilias
breakfast at las bugambilias oaxaca
menu las bugambilias oaxaca
fruit las bugambilias oaxaca

Warm and Helpful Staff


Casa De Las Bugambilias is a true B&B. You feel the warmth of being in a family’s home, but with plenty of your own privacy. The staff went above and beyond to make sure we knew everything the city has to offer and where to find it. Any question was welcome and happily answered.  We loved chatting in the mornings with Adriana, the manager and her husband Rene, the hotel’s tour guide.


The hotel can also arrange tours to learn about textiles and weaving, pottery, and woodcarving. They can also take you to any of the local archeological sites, or make a customized tour based on your interests. Or you can arrange to have a traditional Temazcal ceremony - a ritual including a steam bath, massage and meditation. A further option is to take cooking classes with the renowned chef Pilar Cabrera, of next door restaurant, La Olla.


The staff speaks English and Spanish.


what to do in oaxaca



The location of Casa De Las Bugambilias can’t beat. It’s 1 block from Santo Domingo de Guzman - the big church and former monastery that serves as a gathering point for locals in the city. The hotel is also 6 blocks from the zocalo - so an easy walk to the other central meeting point in Oaxaca.

santo domingo oaxaca

Santo Domingo de Guzman church - just 1 block from the B&B


The hotel is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and bars. Next door is La Olla - one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the city. Across the street is Cafe La Antigua - a great coffee shop and breakfast/lunch cafe. We were never far from the best food and entertainment in the city.

Comfortable Beds and Rooms


Each room at Las Bugambilias has a large comfortable bed with high quality bedding. Rooms are painted in bright inviting colors, with warm Mexican accents or folk art.

bed at casa de las bugambilias oaxaca
oaxaca hotel
patio las bugambilias
mexican furniture oaxaca


Some rooms have air conditioning (which in my opinion, isn’t really necessary in the temperate climate of Oaxaca), and all rooms include a fan.

Modern Bathrooms


Our room had a completely modern bathroom - so we had hot full-pressure showers, a big sink area, and a modern toilet.

bathroom las bugambilias

Mexican Folk and Modern Art


The hotel is filled with colorful Mexican accents. Most walls are lined with Mexican folk art, or modern art. Statues are in the courtyard, and brightly colored walls are throughout the building.

living room wall las bugambilias
mexican art las bugambilias oaxaca
colorful oaxaca B&B

Beautiful and Comfortable Common Areas


The second floor has a communal living room with comfortable couches and a tv. Next to the sitting area is a library full of shared books and a desk with a computer for guests’ use.

living room casa de las bugambilias


Downstairs are more couches next to the kitchen. The dining room has a beautiful large wooden table for guests to eat breakfast.

folk art oaxaca


Outside is a large courtyard with tons of tropical plants, and tables and chairs for relaxing.

courtyard casa de las bugambilias
view of courtyard las bugambilias oaxaca

Roof Terrace


There is a lovely roof terrace above La Olla Restaurant that guests of Las Bugambilias have access to. There are pretty tables and chairs, a brightly colored mural of maguey plants, and a great view of the city and surrounding mountains.


This is the perfect place to have a happy hour cocktail as you watch the sunset. Buy some local mezcal and sip it slowly as you watch the lights come on in the city.

roof terrace la olla oaxaca
roof view la olla oaxaca

Strong Wifi


I’m always on a quest to find strong wifi in Latin America, and Casa De Las Bugambilias allowed me a break from my search. The wifi there was great in our room, as well as the common areas. We were able to catch up easily on some work and planning while there.

Free Drinking Water


This sounds like a small thing, but it feels like such a big convenience. When traveling in Latin America, we’re used to having to plan out when and how much water to buy before we return to the hotel each night.  When our hotel offers free purified water, it feels so nice not to have to worry about that. I wish more hotels would offer this!

water casa de las bugambilias

What Could Be Improved:

Nothing! Just Keep in Mind This is a B&B


Our stay was so comfortable and enjoyable, I can’t think of anything the hotel needs to improve upon.


The one thing guests should keep in mind is that this is a Bed and Breakfast, so there is some interaction between the guests. Breakfast is served between 8-10am, so guests come down to the dining room anytime between those hours to eat. This usually means you’ll be eating with other guests. There are also many other common areas like the courtyard, living room, computer room, and roof terrace.


We loved this atmosphere. We happened to be there at a very slow time (during the teacher’s protests in July 2016), so we only shared breakfast with one other couple, but we really enjoyed chatting with them and learning about their travels. We shared tips on what to do and what to eat in the city as we enjoyed our morning meal.


If you’re looking for a big corporate hotel, this isn’t it. But if you want a warm family atmosphere with plenty of privacy in your room, Casa De Las Bugambilias is a perfect choice for your Oaxaca hotel.


courtyard las bugambilias oaxaca
oaxaca hotel



Casa De Las Bugambilias is an exceptional B&B. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a true Oaxacan experience in a comfortable and beautiful space. The staff will help you with everything you want to know, and you’ll start every morning with a gourmet breakfast.


Hotel name: Casa De Las Bugambilias

Social Sites: Facebook, Twitter

Price: $80-150

Includes: Free gourmet 2-course breakfast, strong wifi, communal area with tv, books, and computer, some rooms with air conditioning, free international calls to the US and a few other countries.

Location: Reforma 402, Centro, C.P. 68000, Oaxaca, Oax. México

Just 1 block from Santo Domingo de Guzman Cathedral


Reservations: https://lasbugambilias.com/reservations/


Video Tour:

Disclosure: I was offered a free stay at Casa De Las Bugambilias in exchange for an honest review.

All opinions are my own!


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19 Responses

  1. Juliann
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh! What a warm, inviting place! I look for places exactly like this when I travel. I love the colors and personal touches. Thanks for sharing. This is where I’d stay!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Glad you enjoyed learning about this hotel! It was really a wonderful place to stay. Hope you’re able to experience it soon!

  2. Jenn and Ed Coleman
    | Reply

    I love the colors and vibrancy of Mexico. I wonder if their love of purple comes from the ability to produce purple dye from cactus? In less than 12 hour we are going to be in Mexico ourselves. We’ll raise a glass of Almendrado and wish you safe and happy travels.

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      That’s a good observation! You’re right – the cochineal insect was a super important part of the economy, especially in the state of Oaxaca. I heard that it was their biggest export to Spain and therefore their #1 industry. The color variations that they make – from bright pink to deep purple – are so pretty and are everywhere. I bet that’s why!

      Enjoy your time in Mexico! Where are you headed?

  3. Julie
    | Reply

    You seriously stay at all the cutest places! I really love all the colors and decor of this hotel! It feels so homey!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Thanks for your comment! I loved the colorful decor too – it was probably my favorite part. 🙂

  4. It becomes more obvious with every post WHY Oaxaca is your favorite city. It cracks me up, and is dead on the money, to keep giving regular shout outs to mezcal. La casa de las bugambilias looks like a great stay there as well. I’m seeing a cool blend of traditional and modern Mexico, so it looks like it’s totally worth a stay!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      hahah, you caught me! I’m a mezcal lover – it’s such a fun spirit to taste and learn about! 🙂

      Agreed – this hotel does a great job of mixing traditional and modern elements. They make it beautiful and comfortable.

  5. Ann Fisher
    | Reply

    Las Bugambilias is precious – what a cute bed and breakfast! I have never visited Oaxaca, but it’s already on my list of must-sees in Mexico. This B&B is exactly the kind of place I’d look for – it’s close to everything, comfortable, and has lots of personality. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Exactly – it hits all the important marks for a hotel, and is super cute to boot! Hope you’re able to visit Oaxaca soon – it’s such a special place. 🙂

  6. Cat
    | Reply

    I love how decorative, colorful and spacious your room is. And I agreed that complimentary breakfast is such a great thing to have when staying away from home. I came to Paris and realized that this is not something hotel include in the stays!! It’s nice that they can organize tours for you. That traditional Temazcal ceremony sounds like something I’d love to be part of!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Agreed! It’s so nice to roll out of bed when you please and have a lovely breakfast waiting for you – it’s one of my favorite parts about staying in a great hotel. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Allison Wong
    | Reply

    Such lovely place to stay! I love the look of their breakfast spread. Need to visit Mexico one day soon.

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Glad you agree! Yes, the breakfast was one of the best parts of the stay! 🙂

  8. Jen
    | Reply

    So colorful and vibrant, I would love to stay here! Seems like they really paid a lot of attention to detail, and that breakfast looks divine!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Yes, the staff is really detail oriented, helpful and warm. It’s a great place to stay! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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