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Best Restaurants in Oaxaca: Ultimate Oaxaca Food Guide – Street Food, Fine Dining, Bakeries, Cocktail Bars + Everything in Between

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The time has come for me to put together a comprehensive Oaxaca food guide of all the best restaurants in Oaxaca, a place that has pulled me into its orbit again and again.

I’ve spent many collective months visiting this city over the last few years and am now here full time - so I've been able to experience living in different neighborhoods as well as villages outside the city, eating on the street, in traditional comedors, and in trendy restaurants.

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best restaurants in oaxaca botanical garden

A couple of years ago, after my first visit to the city, I wrote a blog post - 11 Must Eats in Oaxaca. I've just majorly updated it, so that post is relevant - but it focuses on 11 must eat Oaxacan dishes and where to find them. But after many more months and many more restaurants, markets, and food stands, I wanted to write something much more comprehensive - an ultimate Oaxaca food guide.

So this aims to be a complete list of my favorites, broken down by category. I’ve included bakeries, street food, market eats, traditional restaurants, mid-range cute spots, upscale restaurants, coffee shops, and where to drink cocktails, mezcal, artisanal beer, and coffee in this Oaxaca food guide.

It’s looking like I will be spending much, much more time in this delicious city, so I’ll continue to keep this updated as I try new places or restaurants close and open. I want to keep this Oaxaca food guide current and relevant for the best restaurants in Oaxaca. Of course I’m one person who hasn’t been everywhere, but I’ve been many places, developed a long list of favorites, and will continue trying new places in the years ahead.

Happy eating! You picked one of the best places in the world for it. 🙂

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Bakeries: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Think Mexico doesn’t do delicious bread? Think again. There are a couple absolutely fantastic bakeries in Oaxaca centro.

Boulenc: Oaxaca Food Guide

boulenc best bakery in oaxaca

If you’ve done any Googling about best restaurants in Oaxaca, you’ve most likely already come across this local institution in a Oaxaca food guide. The Mexican owner perfected his European style bread and baked goods before opening Boulenc in 2014. Their emphasis is on locally sourced and healthy ingredients.

Grab some fresh baguettes and croissants from the bakery, or head next door to the restaurant and sit down for some tasty food. This isn’t a place for traditional Oaxaca food, but fresh, well prepared and delicious dishes that often have a traditional influence.

Their space is lovely - very shabby chic. They also sell jams, and other locally made artisan food goods in the bakery.


207 Porfirio Diaz


Pan con Madre: Oaxaca Food Guide

This is one of my favorite bakeries in the world. This tiny spot is located in the centro, but away from the hustle and bustle in the Northwest corner. This is also a European style bakery. My favorite things here are the focaccia (omg), the fresh english muffins, and the whole wheat loaves.

Besides that, they have an absolutely excellent homemade granola. They also often sell coffee by the kilo here.

Pan con Madre

Porfirio Diaz 808-2


Street Food: Oaxaca Food Guide

Las Tlayudas de Mina y Bustamante: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

I don’t think anyone actually calls this tlayuda stand by the above name, but that’s its location - at the NW corner of Mina y Bustamante, just a block from 20 de Noviembre Market.

These tlayudas are super legit and one of my favorites in the city. Order one and have a seat at the tiny cart counter (if you can find a spot) or a plastic stool nearby. Be sure to order some “chocolate” (chocolate atole), too - it’s delicious.

Las Tlayudas de Mina y Bustamante

NW corner of Mina y Bustamante


Tlayudas Libres: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

tlayudas libres oaxaca food guide

tlayudas libres oaxaca

This one isn’t a secret, you can find it here and there in lists of the best restaurants in Oaxaca, but it’s absolutely delicious and a classic so I had to include it in my Oaxaca food guide. They make perfectly grilled tlayudas on the grill outside and have some seating inside off the street. This spot is also open super late, so if you need a snack after a few mezcals, this is a solid solution.

Tlayudas Libres

Calle de Los Libres 212


Lechoncito de Oro: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Speaking of late night delicious food, Lechoncito de Oro has some of my absolute favorite tacos in Oaxaca. They make only two types of tacos: pierna (pork leg) and chicharron (pork skin). Both are incredibly delicious. Definitely try both.

They also have another location east of the centro - I haven’t been there, but am sure it’s delicious as well.

This is an absolute must in my Oaxaca food guide for tacos.

Lechoncito de Oro

Calle de los Libres y Murguia


Esquites Stand in El Llano: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

esquites stand oaxaca

Esquites are boiled corn served in a cup. Add crema, mayo, chile pepper, salt, lime - and presto, you have a tasty snack. It’s much more delicious than it sounds, and a very popular Mexican evening snack.

There are many esquites vendors in the Zocalo, and on random street corners. Many are good, but the best, in my opinion is in El Llano park. You will be able to tell because they always have quite a long queue.

Check the map above for the approximate location. Generally opens after dark.

Esquites Stand in El Llano

Ave Benito Juarez close to intersection with Humboldt


Taco Tour: Best Street Food Oaxaca

If you want a local to show you around to some hidden taco spots, then check out this taco tour I did. 5 taquerias you wouldn't know how to find on your own, some mezcal sips in between, and a cantina break halfway through.


Market Food: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

best restaurants oaxaca markets

I loooove visiting markets when I travel, and the ones in Oaxaca are some of my absolute favorites, jam packed with delicious food.

I wrote an extensive blog post already about what to eat in Oaxaca markets: Mercado Benito Juarez & 20 de Noviembre - highlights include tlayudas at Marie Alejandra’s and the tastiest grilled meats ever in the Carne Asada hall. Full details in the post including where to get tamales, chapulines, drink tejate, and more.


Traditional Casual Restaurants: Oaxaca Food Guide

Biche Pobre: Oaxaca Food Guide

biche pobre mole con pollo oaxaca

Biche Pobre is one of the first restaurants I tried in the city, and in my opinion still one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca. It’s a traditional local spot, filled with families having a big shared lunch. It’s no frills, but still very comfortable and a great place for taking in the local culture.

I love the mole negro here (which is a dish you really have to try when coming to Oaxaca). They also have great tamales and chiles rellenos.

Biche Pobre

Calz. of the Republic # 600


Tacos Roy: Oaxaca Food Guide

tacos roy pozole oaxaca restaurants

Tacos Roy is another classic in my Oaxaca food guide. It’s a small local chain that has several locations in the city. The tacos here are tasty, but my favorite thing to order here is pozole. What’s pozole? A suuuper delicious traditional soup that includes hominy, your choice of meat, and is often topped with cabbage, crema, onion, radishes, and other tasty toppings. If you’re wondering why you would eat soup on a hot day, just do it anyway - it’s delicious.

If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca to try pozole, Tacos Roy is a great choice. My other favorite pozole spot below...

Tacos Roy

My favorite two locations are:

Valerio Trujano just west of 20 de Noviembre

Or Abasolo and Pino Suarez


Xuncu Choco: Oaxaca Food Guide

xunco choco oaxaca

Xuncu Choco is unique in this Oaxaca food guide because the cuisine is mainly from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca state. This area is quite far from Oaxaca city, and very different geographically - instead of being in the subtropical temperate mountains, it’s hot and tropical lowlands.

The region’s cuisine has some similarities with the typical cuisine in the Valles Centrales, but includes ingredients indigenous to the tropical lowlands, seafood, and flavors that are just a bit distinct. One of the dishes I tried at Xuncu Choco included a sauce that was both sweet and savory - and super delicious.

oaxaca food guide xuncu choco

Definitely one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca to try casual Tehuantepec cuisine.

Xuncu Choco

Matamoros #302 centro


Tlayudas Las Animas: Oaxaca Food Guide

This tlayuda spot is only open 3 nights a week - Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinner. It's very simple - walk in the hallway passing the tlayuda grill and have a seat in the open courtyard.

The tlayudas here are absolutely delicious - perfectly grilled, crispy and smoky. They also have a tlayuda enmolada - or a tlayuda with mole sauce instead of the normal aciento. The tlayudas are on the smaller size (or rather, they are about the appropriate size to eat in one sitting. but you will find them much larger just about everywhere else).

tlayudas las animas oaxaca food guide

Since this is open late on weekends, it's a good Oaxaca food guide choice for before or after some mezcals.

Tlayudas Las Animas

Mariano Matamoros 203

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Mid-range Restaurants: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Cabuche: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Curious which restaurant is my absolute favorite on this Oaxaca food guide list? Well ya found it.

Cabuche has it all: a lovely, simple atmosphere, great staff, and totally delicious food. Everything I’ve had here has been superb - and I’ve been here many times.

enmoladas at cabuche oaxaca

oaxaca food guide cabuche pozole

The standouts here are their pozole (super super good), cochinita pibil tacos, and the enmoladas. Be sure to also order their agua of the day (flavored water) or maybe an artisanal beer or house-made pulque.

Cabuche is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so is perfect for anytime of day. This is a can't miss on my Oaxaca food guide!


Miguel Hidalgo 1017


Boulenc: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

best restaurants in oaxaca boulenc

boulenc best restaurants in oaxaca

I mentioned Boulenc earlier in the bakery section, but they have an adjoining dining room for eating in as well. It’s a cute spot with rustic decor, and an indoor/outdoor space.

Their sandwiches, salads and pizzas are all delicious. The pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven in the corner and are very legit.

It’s a cool spot, and they also occasionally have live music or popups. Check their Facebook page for current events.


207 Porfirio Diaz


Itanoni: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

oaxaca food guide itanoni

Itanoni has gained a little online buzz as well, and for good reason. This restaurant’s claim to fame is the heirloom corn varieties they use to make each and every dish in the house. From the freshly made tortillas, to the tamales, to the traditional drinks made from corn, to the corn cake for dessert.

Technically this Oaxaca food guide restaurant is outside of the centro (so maybe should be in that section below), but it's really only a few blocks from the Centro in a neighborhood called Reforma. Plus it's a must visit, in my opinion.

The menu here is huge, but here are my favorite things to order at Itanoni, one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca:

Tascalate - this is a beverage (pictured above) and is my favorite thing at Itanoni. It’s a traditional non alcoholic drink made from toasted maize, chocolate, ground pine nuts, achiote, sugar and vanilla. It’s amazing - trust me. If you’re in a group - order the jarra (pitcher) to share.

De ese - this unusual snack is a tortilla stuffed with a hoja santa leaf (adding an anise/peppery flavor) and whatever other ingredient you choose.

Tamales - their tamales are delicious. That is all.

Tetelas - triangle shaped tortillas stuffed with goodness. My favorite stuffing options are cheese or mushrooms.

Pan de elote - for dessert, the subtly sweet corn cake is perfect. If you still have any room.

itanoni oaxaca best restaurants

Itanoni is definitely one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca to indulge in all things corn. It also has a cute casual atmosphere open to the street and colorful streamers strung up and down the side dining room.

Itanoni Tortillería y Antojería

Belisario Domínguez 513


La Popular: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

La Popular a very simple and small dining room that always feels lively (mostly because it’s, well, very popular!), and also doubles as an art gallery. The food is good, the atmosphere is great, and it’s very centrally located just one block from Santa Domingo.

I like to order the tacos de cochinita pibil or the quesadillas de huitlacoche.

best restaurants oaxaca la popular

La Popular

Calle de Manuel García Vigil 519


Casa Taviche: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

best restaurants in oaxaca casa taviche

I had Casa Taviche on my list for a couple years before I finally made it over for lunch. It’s centrally located and easy to find, I had just somehow missed it before.

The dining room is adorable with cute and colorful geometric designs painted on the tables and chairs, and colorful wall accents.

They typically serve a menu del dia - or a menu of the day. This usually includes 3 courses and a drink all for a reasonable price. The dishes are beautifully plated as well as delicious and fresh.

Casa Taviche is one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca to try out a typical (though slightly more upscale) menu of the day.

Casa Taviche

Miguel Hidalgo #1111


El Quinque: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

restaurants in oaxaca el quinque

El Quinque serves THE best burgers. Really - they are exceptionally high quality and delicious. Truthfully, I haven't tried anything else here because I prefer to keep having the amazing burgers.

El Quinque oaxaca best restaurants

El Quinque

Callejón Hidalgo 218


Nativo: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

nativo best restaurants in oaxaca

Nativo is a cute little restaurant in one of the prettiest plazas in the centro. Their enchiladas are excellent and it's a great spot for people watching.


Calle de Xólotl 110-115


La Casa de Tio Guero: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

tio guero best restaurants in oaxaca

tio guero oaxaca food guide

La Casa de Tio Guero is a colorful and spacious restaurant not to far from Santo Domingo in the Centro. The food is also super good. I like the chile relleno and chilaquiles.


La Casa de Tio Guero

Calle de Manuel García Vigil 715


Cactus Loncheria: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

oaxaca food guide cactus loncheria

Cactus Loncheria is a cute little cafe on the east side of the centro. They mainly serve sandwiches, toasts, tostadas, freshly made juices and coffee. They have a large communal table, lots of leafy greens, cute decor, and great service.

Cactus Loncheria

Calle Pino Suárez 207


Chepiche Cafe: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Ever since I finally tried this adorable restaurant tucked in the quiet neighborhood of Xochimilco, it's become one of my favorite breakfast spots. The large leafy green courtyard has spread out tables and the decor is simple but cute. The dishes are beautifully plated and just as tasty. It's definitely worth the extra couple minute walk from centro.

Chepiche Cafe

Genaro Vazquez 6-A, Colonia Xochimilco


El Techo Taqueria: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

This rooftop taqueria and cocktail/mezcal bar is above El Destilado (see upscale restaurants below). This is the more casual spot to hang out for awhile, drink, snack, chat, and enjoy the view of Santo Domingo. The cocktails here are excellent and the tacos are tasty. Open evenings Thursday-Sunday.

El Techo

5 de Mayo 409


Mezquite: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

view from mezquite oaxaca rooftop

This lovely restaurant straddles the line between mid-range and upscale, but keeps a casual atmosphere. Their roof has amazing views and is a comfy place to hang out. The food is very good, fresh, and well prepared.


García Vigil 601-A


Teocintle: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

teocintle oaxaca food guide

Teocintle also is somewhere between mid-range and upscale. They serve a set menu del dia, but the goal is a modern and innovative interpretation. The space is lovely, you walk through a large building near the zocalo and wind up to the top floor. There is a nice view and lovely decor. They just moved into a new location, and during my last visit the price was 250 pesos for a 6 course menu del dia/tasting menu. Upscale for a menu del dia, but very reasonable for a tasting menu. The food was fresh and interesting.


Av. Independencia #807



Upscale Experiences: Oaxaca Food Guide

Alfonsina: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

alfonsina best restaurants in oaxaca

Alfonsina is a very special place. It's run by Jorge León, a chef that was in charge of the most important food item at Pujol (arguably the most important restaurant in Mexico) - the mole. He's now started his own restaurant and tasting menu in his family home in the small village of San Juan Batista La Raya, near the airport. Everything about the experience is wonderful, from the feeling of the traditional pueblo home, to the rustic table next to the open air kitchen, to the delicious and perfectly prepared dishes. You can make a reservation (required) by messaging Jorge on his instagram here.


El Destilado: Oaxaca Food Guide

El Destilado is my go-to “fancy” restaurant in Oaxaca for a few reasons: the decor is stylish, the staff is wonderful, the food is delicious, and the mezcal and cocktail list is fun to explore.

I’ve been several times, done the fun tasting menu a couple times, and ordered a la carte other times.

I’d recommend making a reservation beforehand. I’d also recommend ordering the mezcal de mole. It really tastes so much like mole.

El Destilado

5 de Mayo 409


Los Danzantes: Oaxaca Food Guide

best restaurants in oaxaca los danzantes

Los Danzantes is a classic Oaxaca restaurant that serves excellent traditional food. You’ll certainly find them on most best restaurants in Oaxaca lists, and for good reason - they do traditional food well.

los danzantes oaxaca food guide

Their outdoor terrace is lovely and chic, perfect for a romantic dinner.

They also bottle their own brand of mezcal.

Los Danzantes

Macedonio Alcalá 403


Criollo: Oaxaca Food Guide

Criollo is a word used in Mexico to denote that some food ingredient is indigenous to the area and an heirloom variety. This name seems to reflect the restaurant’s connection to Oaxaca’s traditional cuisine. It's also one of my favorite restaurants in Oaxaca.

The restaurant was created by 3 partners, one of which is chef, Enrique Olvera, of Pujol fame. That should be enough to convince you to head to Criollo asap.

The location is tucked away at the edge of the centro, but finding it is well worth the work - it’s a gorgeous space with a lovely courtyard. And the food is wonderful - inventive and still respectful to its Oaxacan roots.

criollo oaxaca food guide

I had the pleasure of dining here when it was still in its soft opening and then again recently for the tasting menu. Everything was incredibly delicious, interesting, and beautifully plated. I would definitely say it’s one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca for upscale dining. Reservations required.


Francisco I. Madero 129


Expendio Tradition: Oaxaca Food Guide

Expendio Tradition is beautifully decorated and serves tasty, fresh dishes.

The restaurant is in a gorgeous space - lots of beautiful tile, wood paneled ceilings, and a grand open courtyard.

Be sure to order one of their mezcal cocktails, which are refreshing and flavorful.

Expendio Tradition

The SE corner of Reforma & Murguía


Tastavins: Oaxaca Food Guidetastavins oaxaca food guide

I don't know if "upscale" is the right category for Tastavins in this Oaxaca food guide because the prices are actually great for what it is, but it's a cute place that is great for a nice dinner or date. Their specialties are Spanish tapas and wine. Finding wine in Oaxaca is not the easiest, so I love that they have a big wine list to choose from. There prices are excellent - for the tasty food and for the wine. I recommend a pasta dish and tasting some of the Mexican wine from Baja California.

Murguía 309


La Biznaga: Oaxaca Food Guide

La Biznaga is a well-decorated restaurant with a pleasant courtyard, great service, and tasty food. They have some really great mezcal here and the food is fresh and well prepared.

La Biznaga

Garcia Vigil 512

Outside of Oaxaca Centro: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Chances are you will be spending most of your visit in the centro, where most of the tourist attractions, hotels and tourist amenities are. But if you find yourself venturing out, have a rental car, or are just curious about typical Oaxacan life, check out some of the great Oaxaca food guide choices outside of the tourist zone.

Tlayudas Doña Flavia: Oaxaca Food Guide

dona flavia tlayuda oaxaca food guide

Tlayudas Doña Flavia is one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca (in my opinion) and also one of the best places to eat tlayudas in Oaxaca.

Tlayudas are giant round tortillas topped with asiento, quesillo (Oaxacan string cheese), and often cabbage, tomato, and avocado, then grilled to perfection. They are sometimes served open faced (like a pizza), or folded.

One of the tastiest tlayudas in Oaxaca is at Doña Flavia’s - an unassuming local spot on the highway heading out east towards Tlacolula.

If you don’t have a car, this might not make sense as a stop on your itinerary. But if you are doing any day trips out east to Hierve el Agua, Mitla, Tule, Teotitlan de Valle to see the weavers, etc.. you can make a stop at Doña Flavia's on the way back for dinner.

Tlayudas Doña Flavia

Carretera Internacional 2019 Crucero de San Sebastián Tutla

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Luz de Luna: Oaxaca Food Guide

Luz de Luna is one of my favorite restaurants in this Oaxaca food guide, but a big reason for that is that I’ve spent many months living in San Andres Huayapam, the little village outside of Oaxaca city where this restaurant is located.

But this restaurant is also super delicious. Everything I’ve had here is wonderful - from the tlayudas, to the pozole, to the freshly made aguas del dia.

It’s also an adorable restaurant. Very cutely decorated, without being over the top. The staff is warm and friendly, and the restaurant can get quite busy on weekends when city-dwellers come out to Huayapam for a visit.

This is another spot that might not make your itinerary if you just have a couple days in the centro. But if you plan to do any exploring of the Sierra Norte, you might want to make a stop at Luz de Luna for a tasty meal on your way back to the city.

If you do stop in Huayapam, be sure to taste some delicious tejate, a traditional drink that is from this village.

Luz de Luna

Calle La Paz NUMERO 6, Centro, 68287 San Andrés Huayápam


Carnitas la Luz: Oaxaca Food Guide

I have two favorite tacos in Oaxaca - the first are the lechon tacos at Lechoncito de Oro (see the street food section above), and the second are the carnitas tacos at Carnitas la Luz.

We discovered this local taqueria only because it is close to the Chedraui grocery store we used to visit while housesitting nearby. But this taqueria was an amazing discovery.

The carnitas are incredible - melt in your mouth incredible. And the servers bring you an array of beautiful homemade salsas plus pickled onions to use to your heart's desire.

Carnitas la Luz is one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca for delicious tacos.

Carnitas la Luz

Calle Alamos 703, Colonia Reforma


Consejo Cervecero: Oaxaca Food Guide

oaxaca food guide consejo cervecero

Consejo Cervecero is a brewery and a pub. It might seem like an odd choice on a Oaxaca food guide since it doesn't serve traditional Oaxacan food, but it’s a great place to experience modern Oaxacan beer and bites.

Consejo Cervecero brews the most famous local artisanal beer. You’ll see their two most popular varieties all around town - Boy Stout and Rey oh Baby (2 amazingly cute names).

They also serve typical bar food, but their burgers are super super delicious.

If you’re looking to see what locals eat when they aren’t having tlayudas or mole or to see where young people are hanging out, Consejo Cervecero is a great place to try out! And since it’s in Reforma, it’s not too far from the Centro.

Consejo Cervecero

Av Belisario Dominguez

Where to Drink Mezcal: Oaxaca Food Guide

best restaurants oaxaca mezcal

In my opinion, drinks deserve a place in any Oaxaca food guide, so below you'll find my favorite places to drink mezcal, cocktails, artisanal beer, and coffee.

I’ve written an extensive post with my favorite places to drink the best mezcal in Oaxaca: 8 awesome mezcalerias. Head there to the full details! And if you're interested in learning lots more about mezcal, consider taking a Oaxaca mezcal tour to some of the best and most traditional distilleries. Or peek below for where to drink cocktails, artisanal beer, or coffee in this Oaxaca food guide.


Where to Drink Cocktails: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

Casa Estambul: Oaxaca Food Guide

Casa Estambul is one of the cutest and loveliest places to hang out on a lazy afternoon. The space is beautiful and cool. Lots of murals line the wall, the floors are covered in pretty tile, and the middle courtyard is giant and lovely.

Their cocktails are delicious and carefully crafted, and the space can’t be beat.

Casa Estambul

Ignacio Allende 316


Sabina Sabe: Oaxaca Food Guide

Sabina Sabe is a gorgeous and cool cocktail bar in the centro. The space is beautifully decorated with rustic brick walls, pretty tiled floors, and great mood lighting.

The cocktails are delicious and the place has a great lively vibe. Get there early on weekends!

Sabina Sabe

5 de Mayo 209

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Where to Drink Artisanal Beer: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

La Mezcalerita

La Mezcalerita artisanal beer oaxaca mezcal

La Mezcalerita is one of my favorite bars in Oaxaca so it definitely needs a spot in this Oaxaca food guide. There are a couple bars in small rooms in front, a small courtyard inside, and a large roof terrace.

The amazing thing about La Mezcalerita is the sheer size of their artisanal beer and mezcal menu (they also earned a spot in my best mezcalerias in Oaxaca blog post). And not only are there a lot to choose from, but all are from Mexico - divided out in the menu by regions of the country. I couldn’t begin to guess how many there are to choose from, but it’s fun to try new varieties each time. They also serve pulque.

La Mezcalerita

Calle Macedonio Alcalá just one door south of Calle Cosijopi


Santisima Flor de Lupulo

Santisima Flor de Lupulo is another of my favorite beer spots in this list of the best restaurants in Oaxaca. They brew their own beer here, and always have a few varieties on tap to try. The tiny bar only has a couple tables, but has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Santisima Flor de Lupulo

Ignacio Allende 215

Oaxaca Brewing Company

oaxaca brewing company oaxaca breweries

This little brewery just opened up and I think it has some of the best artisanal beer in the city. Don't be fooled by the English name - the brewery is owned and run by 2 Oaxacan locals and the brewer is from Baja but lives here in Oaxaca now. They are super sweet and friendly people and the beer is delicious. Definitely a must stop on this Oaxaca food guide!

Oaxaca Brewing Company

Calle de Manuel Sabino Crespo 422


Tierra Blanca

Tierra Blanca is another brewery, but on the east side in pretty Jalatlaco. They have a great well-designed space and a rotating beer list.
UPDATE: Tierra Blanca is currently closed and looking for a new location. Check their Facebook above for current details.
Casa Cervecera Tierra Blanca

Mártires de Tacubaya 517


Consejo Cervecero

I mentioned Consejo Cervecero above in the "Outside of Oaxaca Centro: Best Restaurants in Oaxaca" section. Consejo Cervecero is the biggest artisanal brewery in Oaxaca, and for good reason - they make great beers.
Consejo Cervecero

Av Belisario Domínguez 405


Coffee Shops: Oaxaca Food Guide

It wouldn't be a complete Oaxaca food guide if I didn't include cafes that serve some of the delicious locally-grown Oaxacan coffee.


Cafe Muss

This coffee shop and bar is right next to the Textile Museum (a recommended stop). Duck into this cute space before or after the museum for an espresso or a mezcal. This is also one of my favorite places to work from my laptop since the wifi is fast and the food and coffee are great. I love the sandwiches and salads here, and they also serve mezcal and cocktails if you are visiting later in the day. Muss is attached to the gorgeous Casa Antonieta boutique hotel, which is one of my favorite hotels in the city. This also means that you can sip on your coffee in the beautiful shared leafy courtyard, or in the stylish front cafe.
Muss Cafe
Miguel Hidalgo 911

Cafeto y Baristas

coffee shop oaxaca best restaurants

Cafeto y Baristas is tiny, but cutely decorated with little cacti and succulents, and kitschy wallpaper. The baristas know how to make a mean cup of coffee and they also have excellent cold brew. You can also buy beans to go.

Cafeto y Baristas

Calle José María Pino Suárez 407 B


Cafe Nuevo Mundo

Cafe Nuevo Mundo is local institution, and a great coffee shop to hang out in for awhile. It’s a large space with several rooms. They also make great coffee and you can purchase beans to take home.

Cafe Nuevo Mundo

Calle de Manuel Bravo 206


Cafe Brujula

Cafe Brujula is another very popular Oaxacan coffee shop. They have several locations - my favorite is the one near the Zocalo (address below). It’s a big space, and pleasant to spend time in for awhile. They have a large central courtyard lined with tables that is great for catching up with friends over coffee or working from your laptop.

Cafe Brujula

Calle Macedonio Alcalá 104


Cafe La Antigua

Cafe La Antigua is a lovely little cafe that is only a couple blocks from Santo Domingo, but feels like it’s far from the tourist hustle and bustle.

They make great coffee here from beans from the mountains of Oaxaca. I don’t usually order mochas but they make a great one here. And the decor is simple but warm and inviting.

Cafe La Antigua

Reforma 401

Cafe Caracol Purpura

caracol oaxaca coffee shops

I'm really excited about this coffee shop - they really know their stuff. Every time I visit, the baristas spend lots of time telling me all about the beans they have (usually 4 different varieties from Oaxacan growers in different regions of the state - they seem to know everything about the beans, from the farms' history to how long they have been growing the coffee). They'll also explain which bean is best brewed in which method (Chemex, Aeropress, V60, etc.). The coffee is well balanced and delicious. And the space is cute in a quieter residential part of the centro. You can also buy this delicious coffee by the bag. One of the best coffee shops on this Oaxaca food guide!

Café Caracol Púrpura

Calle Matamoros 619A



cafebre oaxaca food guide

cafebre espresso oaxaca

Cafebre is a great coffee shop super close to all the big sites in the centro. They make a great espresso and the staff is friendly. The space is a big open courtyard and is a lovely place to work or hang out for awhile.


Calle de Manuel Bravo 108


Mondo Cafe

This is a coffee shop that was recommended to me by my favorite tour guide, and I love it. They have a great cold brew and a cute little space. They are in the north of the centro, in a leafy residential area that is lovely to stroll through.

Mondo Cafe

Reforma 904-B


Cafe El Volador

volador coffee shop oaxaca
This Oaxaca coffee shop is located in the same pretty plaza as Nativo (the restaurant in the "Mid-range" section in the Oaxaca food guide above). They have a tiny but cute space with some fun art on the wall.
Cafe El Volador
Calle de Xólotl 118

best restaurants in oaxaca

oaxaca food guide best restaurants oaxaca

And there you have it! My Oaxaca food guide from my last few years spending many months (years?) in my favorite city in the world. I’ll continue to update this best restaurants in Oaxaca list, but please feel free to drop me a note below if you have something to add!

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  1. Rebecca
    | Reply

    We’re visiting Oaxaca in January – mainly for the food!! This guide will be super helpful, thanks!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      So glad to hear it! You’ll have an amazing time on your trip. Thanks for reading! Eating is my favorite activity here. 🙂

  2. Ravin
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    next month coming there, and would love to go to the place for food. As you mentioned all food guide, and excited to taste the food. Thanks for sharing the lovely post.

    • Susan Ripley
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      Glad you found the post helpful and have a wonderful visit!

  3. […] dishes and where to find them. If you are looking for a more exhaustive, check out my complete Oaxaca food guide post that includes everything from bakeries, to street food, to upscale experiences, coffee shops, […]

  4. Marina Shepaksov
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    This blog was so helpful. Thanks for all the recommendations.

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      So glad to hear that! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. Jayne
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    This list is incredible! I just arrived here for a few days and will try to fit in as many as possible. As always Susan, your content always delivers – Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog and for making my life so much easier here in Mexico I probably owe you a drink, a really big one!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Ah that’s so great! This really makes my day/week/year to hear this. I love sharing all this but it means a lot when I hear that it’s helpful to people! Have a wonderful trip!

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