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Puerto Escondido to Mazunte, San Agustinillo + Zipolite: How to Get Between These Oaxaca Beach Towns

Puerto Escondido to Mazunte, San Agustinillo, Zipolite (3)LR

There isn’t a lot of info online about how the Oaxaca coast, and much less about how to get around. Our last trip, we spent a few days in Puerto Escondido, followed by a few more in Mazunte. I scrapped together details from lots of forums and blogs to figure out how to get from Puerto Escondido to Mazunte (San Agustinillo or Zipolite), so I want to put a detailed explanation here.

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Of course, these directions should work in reverse – if you need to go from Mazunte to Puerto Escondido, just follow these directions the other way around.

To see how to get from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, or Oaxaca to Mazunte/San Agustinillo/Zipolite – I have detailed guides about those transportation options too.

puerto escondido to mazunte, san agustinillo, zipolite

How to Get from Puerto Escondido To Mazunte, San Agustinillo, Zipolite:

Step 1 – Bus from Puerto Escondido towards Pochutla

First you will go to the ADO/OCC bus station in Puerto Escondido – Terminal Puerto Escondido (see screenshot below). Buy a bus ticket on any bus running to Pochutla or Huatulco, but request to get off at the “Crucero de San Antonio”. Make sure you tell the ticket vendor this is your stop, as it will be a cheaper ticket than going all the way to Pochutla or Huatulco.

puerto escondido to mazunte puerto escondido bus station

Be sure to also tell the bus driver when you get on that you are getting off at “Crucero San Antonio”.

Crucero San Antonio


Step 2 – Taxi or Pasajero from Crucero San Antonio to Mazunte, San Agustinillo, Zipolite

Once you get off at the Crucero de San Antonio, you can catch any taxi to take you the rest of the way to Mazunte, San Agustinillo, or Zipolite. In January 2019, this cost us about 100 pesos.

If you prefer, you can catch a pasajero the rest of the way. Pasajeros are pick up trucks with canvas coverings on the back. People jump in the back, and it operates as a taxi. They are easy to take, as long as you don’t mind waiting for one to go by.

And it’s a simple as that! Not a difficult trip at all as long as you have the info.

Check out my Puerto Escondido guide, my Mazunte/San Agustinillo guide (with some Zipolite recs), or skim through all my Oaxaca posts for lots more about what to do on the coast and in Oaxaca city.

And if you are curious how to get from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido,
OR Oaxaca to Mazunte/San Agustinillo/Zipolite – I have detailed posts about those transportation options, too!


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  2. […] out my separate post about how to get to those Oaxaca beach towns. Or if you need to get between Puerto Escondido to Mazunte/San Agustinillo/Zipolite, I have a detailed guide for that […]

  3. Charlie
    | Reply

    You can get a collective from opposite ADO to San Antonio. 40 pesos.

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Hi thanks for the comment. Opposite ado, meaning in Huatulco?

  4. Kayla
    | Reply

    Hello, not sure if this is what the person above meant, but what is the best way to return to puerto Escondido from mazunte or zipolite? Can you catch the ADO bus from the same spot or would you need to cab to Pochutla? Thank you!

    • Susan Ripley
      | Reply

      Hi, that’s a great question. I want to say yes, that you can flag them down at that intersection, but I’m not 100% sure – I haven’t done the journey in that direction. I would recommend to check with your hostel/hotel/airbnb host when you arrive in Mazunte. They should know for sure. I’ll also investigate on my next trip in April.

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